Computer Science Through Seesaw Lessons
Seesaw Lessons provide five computer science collections directly aligned to the CSTA Standards. Come learn how Seesaw Lessons can meet the statewide requirement for teaching computer science curriculum.
Bryan Profis
Seesaw Lessons Account Executive
Former teacher now working with schools and districts to bring Seesaw’s curriculum to their communities.
Cheryl Miyake
Seesaw Learning Experience Designer
Cheryl Miyake is a Learning Experience Designer at Seesaw. Most importantly she is an iterative problem solver, connector of diverse people and ideas, and a lover of corny kid jokes. Prior to developing the Mission Code collection at Seesaw, Cheryl taught 4th grade in the Bay Area, CA and developed STEM instructional programming and curriculum for upper elementary. She is dedicated to leveraging human-centered design principles to ensure that all students, teachers, and families can learn together.
Kris Szjaner
Partnership Manager @ Seesaw Learning
Kris is the partnership manager for Seesaw Learning. He is a former Kindergarten teacher and technology integrationist. He has spoken across the nation on curriculum design and development, innovative practices, STEM instruction, and K-12 best practices. Kris is on a mission to create a better tomorrow by creating opportunities for students to reach their fullest potential at every opportunity possible.
Lyle Jacobs
Learning Experience Designer
Hi, my name is Lyle and I have been a curriculum developer at Seesaw for the last 19 months. I grew up on the Pine Ridge Native American reservation in South Dakota and am a member of the Oglala Lakota tribe. I taught fourth grade for three years before heading to the Stanford Grad School of Education and joining the Seesaw squad.
This webinar will show you…
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    Part 1
    What are Computer Science Seesaw Lessons
  • 1649163709-7200f6ee2c6c48e9
    Part 2
    Integrate Computer Science into your classroom with confidence
  • 1649163501-cea71070895ea6ae
    Part 3
    CSTA Alignment with Seesaw Computer Science Lessons