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Learn with the Expert: The Impact of Building Relationships with George Barcenas

About This Webinar

I struggled as a student learning to speak in Spanish in the home and write English at school. I was always translating the world around me to try to adapt and learn. Those skills I developed were useful when I became a teacher and saw that what students needed were translators of knowledge. We take the concepts that our curriculum offers and translate them for our students to understand. That skill was developed because I had teachers in my childhood that helped me see the world around me in snapshots of information. They took the paragraphs and broke them down for me, they helped me see correlations and relationships. One teacher told me that "language and knowledge is about relationships" she took the time with me to see what the word meant and how it affected me. This session will be about exploring that relationship with our students and the tech can use to speak their language.

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George Barcenas is the Professional Development Trainer for Viewsonic. A Certified Google Trainer, Educator, Innovator and Apple Certified Teacher. Trained as a PE teacher he has taught High School English, Spanish and coached Basketball from Middle School all the way to College. Technology has always been in his teaching from creating commercials in Spanish class to work on vocabulary, to creating a production of Romeo and Juliet with zombies... . In his current role he works with teachers to find the right tool to help students. His passion for teaching has found a place with technology for education and pushing the boundaries of being geeky.
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