Virtual Student Events with Seesaw: Jobs in Computer Science

To celebrate Computer Science week Seesaw has invited some real computer scientists to share about their jobs! Join us live with your students to learn about jobs in computer science!

Details for this Series

1. Choose the live event or events you would like to attend.
2. Register your class for one event or multiple events.
3. On the day and time of the event, tune in live; Project the event so your entire class can participate in the fun!
4. Be ready to engage in the chat and Q&A during the event.
5. Reflect on the event by assigning our Seesaw Activity with students to reflect on the learning.
6. Throughout the week, use the other “Jobs in CS” Seesaw Lessons to help your students better understand computer science!

*These sessions will be recorded; if you cannot attend live, register anyway to receive the recording!
Sessions in this Jobs in Computer Science
  • Seesaw Engineering with Lauren Block + Kat Reilly
  • Seesaw Student Event: Fun, Interactive Experiences
  • Animation with Rainbow Bear